What Rights do Teen Parents Have?

What Rights do Teen Parents Have?

As a parent to a teen, you have the power to act towards your child’s welfare. You undergo some challenges by so doing. But even in the wake of all that, as a parent, you have rights to make regarding your kid’s health, education and care. Which begs the question, what rights do teen parents … Read more

How Does Porn Affect a Teen’s Sexual Development into Adulthood?

How Does Porn Affect a Teen's Sexual Development into Adulthood?

Most teens accidentally or intentionally come across naked bodies, sexual videos, content, and actions through sexual education classes, sexual chats, sexting, and social media channels. This exposure leads to the desire to know and see more. The contents become a battle between rational thinking and reward-seeking. Eventually, the teen is led to venture into the … Read more

What is it Like Being a Teen Parent?

What is it Like Being a Teen Parent?

Sometimes being a teen parent requires patience and tolerance. The kid’s growth and development are still oscillating between toddlers and teens, and thus are not responsible enough. As a parent, having a teen in the house can make you at times go wild with shouts every other minute. However, being a teen parent can be … Read more

How Has Having Easy Access to Prolific Adult Videos Shaped Teen Sexuality?

How has having easy access to prolific adult videos shaped teen sexuality?

Today’s social media is full of sexual content easily accessible by teenagers. Teens have used the internet as the most common medium for watching sex-related content anytime, anywhere. There is agreement that young people view sex acts, including pornography. Your teen’s survival through today’s technological advancement lies entirely with the parent’s guidance. This article reviews … Read more

Which is the Best Way to Educate Teens Sexually?

Which is the Best Way of Educating Your Teen about Sexuality?

Today’s internet sites and social media are filled with hyper-sexual content, which misguide teens in preparing for regular bodily changes. The media glorification of irresponsible sexual behavior, peer pressure, adverts, and written literature such as pamphlets and teen magazines; are not enough avenues to teach your teen about sexuality. It is the prerogative role of … Read more