Are Chokers Inappropriate?

It is said that judge nothing but their appearance. Teen girls have so many ways to make their appearance appealing; from dressings, and accessories to distinctive personalities. Chokers are just some of the accessories that make girls look amazingly beautiful.

But what does it mean to a 10-year-old wearing a choker? Are chokers inappropriate for them?

This precious retro accessory has become more popular among teenage girls. Young girls will wear them to achieve that slender, young-looking neck and draw attention to their faces. Well, they are the best accessory for any beautiful girl out there. Chokers have become today’s popular modern fashion for women. They are associated with femininity, with the potential of even hiding the Adam’s apple. They are an easy way to cover up, curb dysphoria and stay safe while remaining cute on young girls.

Purpose of chokers

While some viewed wearing chokers as a form of prostitution, some were worn as neck protection for warriors; others were donned by women to protect their throats, to some as a form of dress for tribal ceremonies. However, to date, chokers are among the many accessories that women and girls would not miss in their closets.

Where to purchase

Chokers for your teen girls

Before you purchase that choker for your girl, maybe it is good to consider several factors.

Measure the size of the neck

It’s important to measure your girl’s neck before investing in a choker since they are meant to fit relatively tightly. You must get a length higher than neck size by 2 inches. Wrap a strip round the neck and take a soft measure.

Assess the length and width of her neck.

Chokers look best on those who have long, slender necks. If you have a very short neck, a choker won’t look very attractive. However, we have different chokers that can fit depending on the length and width of the neck.

Consider the shape of her face.

Chokers, like all necklaces, accentuate the strongest facial features by framing the face. If your girl has a round face, steer clear

Pick the best colour

The color of the choker should also complement the skin tone and outfit.

Types of chokers

Chokers can be made from a variety of materials, including velvet, plastic, beads, leather, latex and some metals they are adorned in a variety of ways including with sequins, studs or a pendant. Your girl can slay in every occasion with different types of chokers such as;

ü  Black choker

ü  Gold choker

ü  Silver

ü  Dainty

ü  Pearl, dainty pearl, beaded pearl, multistrand pearl

ü  Diamond choker

ü  Pendant choker

ü  Tattoo choker

Bronze choker

The controversies

Are chokers inappropriate? There are several controversies about wearing chokers, and how they entail promiscuous messages in a woman’s world. Beyond the fashionable and elegant-looking style of choker necklaces today is its symbolism, hidden, and deeper meaning all the way from how it was popularized by women and why it was used in different eras and occasions.

Prostitution, secret lesbianism, slavery, protection and power, mockery, and paying homeage.


In the late 19th century, it is a common belief that wearing plain, thin, red, or black ribbon chokers or dog collars signifies prostitution among women. The history of wearing this kind of choker in that era entailed submissiveness to men. However, over the years, this sordid association started fading when ballerina dancers profoundly wore them during their presentations.

Secret Lesbianism

During the Depression Era, black woven chokers were believed to signify secret lesbianism. The women wore them in secrecy due to the rising fear of lesbianism. Lesbianism was not recognized and as such lesbians were denied sexual freedom. Thus, in order to identify each other, chokers served a secret purpose.

This is the reason being a lesbian in the Depression Era was very difficult. Since being a lesbian was taboo, it forced lesbians to just marry men even if it is not their gender preference, which eventually led to the idea of wearing a choker necklace during this period is associated with secret lesbianism.


During ancient times, wearing a choker also depicts slavery. This idea was taken from the African history of slavery, in which captive men and women were forced to wear chains and iron neck rings. The chains in their neck were linked to another slave’s hand in order to avoid them from escaping. Africans in captivity wore these when they were transported to board ships or on the West African coast.

Protection and Power

On the contrary, no matter how negative the choker necklace’s connotation in antiquity was, the intense depiction of chokers in Egyptian and Ancient Mesopotamian history overrules. Choker necklaces were commonly worn by strong, powerful women during these earliest civilizations. Chokers symbolized protection and power. Women wore choker necklaces made out of gold, which signifies the God of the Sun, Ra. Their chokers were wide, which are meant to protect their neck, which is a vulnerable part of the body.

Mockery and Paying Homage

Back in the time of the French Revolution, women wore red choker necklaces to pay homage to the fallen men and women because of the guillotine during the revolutionary period. Women also wore these chokers to show a mockery of the rampant beheading and bloodbaths in their nation.

What does a choker necklace symbolize?

Some people believe that choker necklaces are worn by promiscuous females. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A choker necklace is a simple accessory. It works for women of all ages and from all walks of life. Your teen girl is not an exception, hence the question are chokers inappropriate should be out of the equation.

Accessorizing with Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces are worn around your throat and are tighter compared to your average chains. There are different styles, from simple to embellished, which can be used in any event that you may attend. But remember, chokers are supposed to adorn your neck but should never be too overpowering, so you have to be wary of the length and size when you are choosing your choker. The colour of the choker should also complement your skin tone and outfit.

Take Away

Choker necklaces are making a big comeback. They are a fun and fresh accessory that works for all ages. They also make a wonderfully beautiful jewelry gift for the fashionista in your life.

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