What is Your Most Controversial Parenting Tip?

What is your most controversial parenting tip to you, my dear reader? Most parents have their way of parenting their kids. They have a set of guidelines. The do’s and don’ts in their parenting styles. Whatever may seem controversial to you as a parent could be different from another? We look at some of the most controversial parenting tips.


Home-schooling has become a modern alternative to traditional schools. It is seen as isolating your child from the outside world and making a child have antisocial behaviour. That is not the case. Home-schooling is the best due to familiarity and a controllable environment. A parent has the alternative of having the child join communities where the child will still develop the social skills necessary for the interaction.

Home-schooling has several benefits, such as flexibility, face-to-face teaching, saving time and providing a safe learning environment for the kid. The parent is also able to focus on the teen’s interests and talents and build them.

Handling digital devices

During the December holiday, I got a chance to have a family get-together after the covid19 epidemic. As we gathered as a family, the kids were overly excited and could not hide their joy in sharing gadgets, videos online etc. I wasn’t amused. 

But I realized my younger brother wasn’t OK with how kids were all over with devices, and out of curiosity, he asked me, “What is your most controversial parenting tip?” Well, I at once guessed where he was headed with the dialogue. He blatantly told me, “I don’t like what I see. How sure are we that the kids are not up to anything naughty online?” We argued over and over again about the pros and cons of digital devices in the hands of teenagers. Eventually, I realized that handling digital devices was one of the most controversial topics parents would never get over.

Many people would say kids getting addicted to digital devices leads to so many destructive behaviours such as watching prolific adult content and will increase their dependence on technology hence affecting their school performance. 

Safe technology use is just a digital dilemma experience at the initial stages of accelerated growth. We can achieve safety by controlling how much screen time they can have, setting parental locks and frequent monitoring. If you feel insecure with the devices, only expose them to educational apps. We have very great online educational apps that kids can benefit from.

Independence at an early age

To some parents, letting their teen be independent and free sounds absurd. Flexing their freedom of movement and association sounds scary. You think letting your child go out alone exposes them to danger such as bullying, kidnapping and bad peer influencers. Most parents would rather have them closed up in the house.

It is OK to let them be kids but, at the same time, set limits. When they get back home, let them know what activities they would engage in while out. When is it time to move out? Being independent teaches them a lot from being responsible and careful with their lives.

Addressing sexuality at an early age

Many parents fear addressing serious or mature topics such as sex and sexuality with their teens and older kids. They feel the conversation may lead to awkward inquisitiveness. Some feel it may be the beginning of trouble when their teens experiment on what has been discussed.

The truth of the matter is that the earlier the issues are addressed, the healthier it would be for the teens to navigate such problems in their prime years. The subjects form a close relationship with your teens. Thus the talking should not necessarily be formal. The kids learn to trust you and will confide in you when faced with serious issues. 

Sharing photos of kids online

Social media has made sharing pictures, videos and other content so easy. People share their good and bad moments online. However, most people have the view that it is not safe to share children’s photos online. They may undergo cyberbullying, body shaming, and fall prey to abductors.

It is the best way to share and connect with relatives about the kid’s progress and growing up. You make memories out of the sharing. As for strangers invading your timeline, you can always set your privacy settings to shut them away.

Allowing them to date

Teen dating will seem a bit confusing for you as a parent. No parent would allow their teen to start dating that early. Hell no! That’s unacceptable; they will say that. But the teens will do it anyway if they want to. They may start dating in clusters before going out one-on-one. 

You cannot always be there to monitor their moves while away at school or outside the homestead. But you can always advise on the do’s and don’ts. Start by setting and enforcing the limits of one-on-one dating. Address the consequences of risky behaviours and the best decisions they can take on relationships.

Birth control products to be easily accessible to teens

It is viewed that when teenagers use birth control, it increases their sexual activity. However, apart from preventing pregnancy, birth control products help with menstrual cramps, bone thinning, ovarian and breast cysts, heavy menstrual flow, and can reduce acne.

In as much as most states allow teenagers to receive prescription birth control, parents are free to give permission. A parent is free to visit a hospital with the teenager to find out if it can help in the areas mentioned earlier.

Teenage girls terminate pregnancies.

In the United States, minors have a right to an abortion without parental consent unless otherwise specified by state law. Girls must decide about their bodies and futures and access appropriate healthcare services and comprehensive sexuality education. If they choose not to terminate their pregnancy, let it be so.

Teens should be allowed to get tattoos.

Tattoos are becoming a fashion today. While to some religions, tattoos are prohibited, some consent. There are no laws limiting minors from getting tattoos. However, children need the permission of their parents or guardians to receive one.Poorly planned tattoos and piercings can cause all sorts of health problems.

Parentingolderkids Verdict

As you would be thinking as to what is your most controversial parenting tip, know that it is you, the parent, who knows what will best fit your child. Different kids have different personalities and are brought up in different environments. Psychologists say that environment affects behaviour in kids. Whether it is home-schooling or how they handle digital devices. Find the best environment to nurture your teen into an ethically upright adult.

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