Can Teen Parents Still Be Successful in Life?

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts,” said Winston S. Churchill. Winston Churchill, a famous writer, reminds us that we need to focus on the right things rather than the wrong ones to succeed in life. That takes courage to keep pushing forward without waning off.  Basing on the fact that they have kids to take care off; can teen parents still be successful in life?

Success is perceived differently by various people. The most common and popular form of success is financial and career success. Can teen parents remain focused and achieve these two successes?  It is their courage to continue that counts, even in the midst of the hustles and bustles of parenting. To achieve success, there are a number of things teen parents can focus on;

Do what you love for a living.

Doing what you love motivates you to be innovative and meet your goals. Commit yourself to do whatever makes you happy and be good at it. That is where your success lies. With careful steps, a teen parent can turn an idea into reality.

Be passionate and work smart.

While working hard, you need to work smart. Success is only realized through hard work. Push the limits by putting in all your energy. Don’t wait for someone to give you a push. Being passionate about the tasks ahead motivates you to work smart and produce the best.

Learn from failures

Obstacles will always come along. Don’t despair when failures come knocking. That is part of the journey. Find real solutions to the failures and keep forging ahead. Sometimes you may feel it is not easy but remember that success is earned, not given.

Most people would often ask can teen parents still be successful in life. Nobody said it would be easier to be successful. As a parent, brace yourself for the toughness that comes with achieving success. Failures are part of the success story; make them regular, and everything will fall in place, at least not quickly but with time.

Take away distractions 

Distractions hinder your progress towards achieving your goals. Have a plan and stick to the schedule. If you forget quickly, then have visual reminders. Reduce your destructors and increase your focus. Once you achieve your intended purpose, reward yourself. It will motivate you to always stick to the plans. Avoid burnouts; they make you lose focus.

Believe in yourself

Success begins with you. If your heart is not yet ready, then you won’t achieve success. Count on yourself as the only creator of your success. What typically hinders most of us from going for it is the notion that you will fail along the way. However, if you believe you can make it, then you will.

Set measurable goals. 

Consider what kind of success you are after and how you achieve it. Do not go beyond the limits by setting unrealistic goals. Have objectives that are relevant, measurable, and achievable. Whenever you wander off the path, it is good to confide in someone for guidance so that you don’t lose focus on your goals.

Strategize yourself

Remember, you have other responsibilities, such as parenting. Do a SWOT analysis of yourself and find a way to navigate your weaknesses. Determine what support you need, even as a parent, to stay accountable for your success plans. Learn how to balance parenting and working and create time for yourself.

Find a mentor

Having someone to be your guide towards your success is significant. There are lessons learned, pitfalls to avoid, and the best success paths to take from your mentor. Consider picking on an enthusiastic, relevant and knowledgeable mentor. The willingness of the mentor to share skills, knowledge and expertise on success will determine your end result.

Avoid unsupportive company

Surrounding yourself with positive people who know success will give you the push to go for it. Surrounded by the wrong company, can teen parents still be successful in life? I don’t think so. Choose your friends wisely, as not everybody would wish the best for you. Some friends want to see you lose so that you fall in the same bracket of losers. Do not waver and give in to their wrong advice and misguiding. 

Develop Mental Toughness

As a parent, you may be consistently under stress and pressure due to parenting, office work, communal work and personal tasks to make ends meet. All these need one person who is resilient, persevering and tough. You need to develop mental toughness by believing in yourself and keep trying even when it gets bumpy.

The five characteristics that you are mentally tough include;

  • Be in control
  • Be optimistic
  • Have self-awareness
  • Embrace constraints
  • Be consistent.

Can teen parents still be successful in Life surrounded by distractions?

In life, we deal with many distractions that hinder us from achieving what we hope. Besides obstacles such as excessive use of phones, the internet, noisy workplace, and endless meetings, we have many other distractions.

Listening to dissenting voices

In most cases, the people you hang out with, co-workers, friends, and family will give their different opinions. Assess their talks and find those that are productive. Avoid gossiping and chatting during work.

Emotional factors 

Emotional factors gradually stifle your progress, and you lose focus along the way. We have emotional distractions that allow your mind to wander and lose focus, such as feeling overwhelmed, scared, stressed, and depressed.


“I will do it tomorrow,” or “ I will complete the task after I have had a rest,” or “It doesn’t need immediate attention; it can wait” these and so many excuses are signs of procrastination. If you have a laid-out plan, please stick to it. Never let procrastination control your work schedule. You will never get there, and if you do, you will never realize the best results.


Indolence is a common practice that one may not even realize in self. Once you find that you keep reassigning tasks for someone to do on your behalf, you are losing it. If you keep postponing tasks, then you are lazy, and you may never make it to success.

Connecting with the wrong mentors

Not everyone has the right menu for your success. Be sure to have the right person to guide you through success building. If a push comes to a shove, find professionals to help you pull through. 

Encouragement from Parentingolderkids

Perhaps you have been wondering can teen parents still be successful in life? Success does not come on a silver platter; one must work hard. Your family needs to grow; for it to achieve that, as a parent, you need to be successful to give it the proper support. Success stories carry secrets to push you through. Through the setbacks and failures, there is triumph and success at the end of it.

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